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This is where I do the blogging.

13 December 1987
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I'm Matt. I have a Bachelor of Visual Communications (Graphic Design) that so far has worked really well at covering up space on my wall and not much else. Instead I work at Internode as a Customer Sales Rep and get to sit down at work. This is a step up (or.. down?) from standing up all day at Woolies at a checkout.

I like to draw and read and write, but don't do any of them as much as I should. I do read plenty of graphic novels, which is a fancy way of saying I read webcomics. I also am a big fan of interesting TV shows, but not procedural/crime/medical drama. Ugh, so overdone these days.

I play videogames. Do you? Maybe we play some of the same ones.

I don't update on Livejournal as much these days, but I do try. The rest of the time, I'm more likely to update on Twitter.