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Oh man. I was doing some hard drive tidying and came across this gem - a batch of daily comics I did from waaay back in 2004. They were posted here originally, so they're probably somewhere in this journal anyway (dead links by now) so I thought I'd reshare them for the LOLs. They're awful.

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Mar. 8th, 2010

I think I worry too much.

I don't usually let it show to people but I do. I get in these worry spirals (or nosedives? What's that thing a plane does when it spirals towards the ground like it's going to crash, for an aerial stunt? That. What is that? A death spiral?) where I lock in on something pointless. Like just now! Yeah, I didn't plan that. I'm just going stream-of-consciousness. This sounds pretentious. But yeah, these useless things, like random words or names or stories or trains of thought I just fixate on and I honestly can't just shrug it off. If I forget a name I will focus on that, maybe push it to the back of my mind if there's other things at hand but it won't go away till I've solved it. And when I do, I get this rush of relief. It's ridiculous! And I know that it's ridiculous. I'm worried this entry is ridiculous and pointless.

Over the last few years, since uni started essentially, I've tried to reinforce a new though to override this, especially when it comes to worrying about what other people think of me or about other things or what they're thinking or if they've taken what I've said in the way I intended. This thought is, "Who gives a fuck." It does honestly help, sometimes. By telling myself I don't care what people think I can occasionally convince myself it's true. I still really worry about it.

One of the big ones is outing myself to people. Ugh, it's such a chore! I try to tell myself it's none of anyone else's business, they don't need to know and I have no obligation to announce it. Half the time, people who are all in-your-face about being gay/lesbian really annoy me, like they believe that's their one qualifying feature. Way to be a background sitcom character, god. But then, I worry. I worry that it will get to a point where it's weird to bring it up, or people will start to assume otherwise and it makes it like I'm lying. I'm sick of lying, or misdirecting. But then, I worry! What if the actual coming out turns out badly? They're homophobic, or get weirded out, or get all aggressive and tell people I'm a megafag or whatever. I know it's ridiculous because I also say I don't care whether people know and don't care what other people think. I never said this would be logical.

I constantly worry about whether other people like me, whether my friends actually like me. Whether they just tolerate me. It's ridiculous! Am I so juvenile? I'll have a great time hanging out with someone and then afterwards, I'll worry that they did it out of pity or hated every moment of it, or regretted agreeing to it in the first place. ALL the time. And I'll read too much into it. They don't laugh at a joke I tell as much as I expected (hoped). I suggest something and they decline. Their facial expression doesn't seem RIGHT to me.

I was one of those kids in primary school who was fairly clever, and tried to cover being smarter than the other kids by being the clown. (That sounds so full of myself, saying I'm smarter. I was tested and shown as gifted as a kid, I guess I just absorbed things better or had a greater thirst for learning, I loved to read and write.) Sometimes I feel like cracking a constant stream of jokes is all I have to offer. I worry (I am enjoying these italics) that no other part of me is interesting to others beyond my ability to manipulate words and elicit a laugh. I feel like I don't have enough interests - I read and draw and play video games, not really a lot of outgoing, communal interests. I don't like going out on the town because I find it expensive and uninteresting most of the time, I don't play team sports (or any sports) and have a small circle of friends to begin with. I like them, sure! But I worry they don't like me. (Oops, didn't italicise. Don't go back, keep moving)

Funnily enough, I have the same quantifying characteristics for friends as I do for romantic interests. Sense of humour, preferably dark or at least borderline offensive. They have to laugh when I say funny things and get references I make. Willing to hang out and do nothing much, and not needing to be part of a huge crowd. I can confidently say that I would date any of my current friends quite happily, pending appropriate gender attraction. But that's the thing, sex isn't even that important to me. Honestly it's a lot of work, some softcore affection is all I really need. Yes I get sexual urges and whatever and this is going in a direction I didn't intend but sex is work and effort and I can't be bothered isn't once every week or fortnight or so enough? Bleh.

As for dating itself, the effort thing comes into it too. To date I need to meet people and that's HARD WORK again. I don't really know any gays and I'm pretty judgemental, I'll be honest. I'm strict with my criteria and I don't like really faggy dudes and I don't particularly like blokey dudes because I don't feel masculine enough next to that. I guess my preferred type is the metrosexual? As in, not afraid to be a bit gay but otherwise still a guy. He can dress like a normal person but still say how much he enjoys Glee. Seriously, all I listen to on my iPod over the last few months is Glee. That show is fucking awesome.

So yeah, have to meet people. And little things annoy me really easily! There was this guy recently and I think it was heading in a dating-y direction, but yeah. There were things that annoyed me. Weird laugh, not the right sense of humour. Boring job that he thought was exciting! And did that thing some people do where they try and educate you about things, explain what something fairly easy to comprehend is. I'm an adult for fuck's sake. I probably know what you mean and if I don't I WILL ASK YOU. Interested in the wrong type of music even though I don't have strong music tastes and answered text messages while we were hanging out, repeatedly. Save that shit for later! You're hanging out with me goddamnit, prioritise and don't be rude. SHIT. The sex was pretty good, though.

I also worry I get angry too easily.It's not so bad now but I still get angry pretty easily. Especially in crowds. I think I might have a crowd-based claustrophobia (is that even a thing?) that comes out as unrealistic levels of anger. I get stuck in a corwd and I curl in on myself and send hate rays at people in my way or who walk too slow or anything, really. I recently went into a McDonald's with my mum at night when it was all full up of noisy kids (I also hate teenagers, bunch of wankers) and she specifically said I sorta curled in on myself and looked very angry. I do get that way! I don't know why, it only seems to get worse as time goes by. I prefer to be by myself, but worry I'm alone too often.

I worry I have some mental problem or an undiagnosed social disorder or phobia that is fucking with me. But then, I went to see a shrink for a while after I got back from the US about my big freakout and I worried about coming across as weird or crazy... So I held myself back the first few sessions! What the HELL. Eventually my Who Gives a Fuck ruling came into play and I unleashed my organisational stuff on her (everything is alphaetised including DVD- Movies, DVD- Box Sets, games, books including seperation of fiction and nonfiction, the list goes on) and then worried it seemed petty or that she dismissed it or thought it was stupid. I still think I'm crazy, maybe. Is everyone this analytical of themselves? I wonder what anti-depressants or mood adjustment medication would do to me. Is there an anti-awkward medication, I would take some of that. I'd overdose on it.

There's also blah blah body issues and family blah and worries about not being retained at work after my 12 month contract ends even though I'm a good salesperson, but now I am worried this has gone on too long and that if there is anyone who reads my journal, they'll skip this cos it's too long.

OK bye.

What what? Hi.

Last entry, October last year. Yeah I totally got around to that proper blog post later that night, didn't I.

So! New things have happened! Since last blog post I have:
- Completed probation at my new job. FULL EMPLOYEE STATUS EQUALS FREE INTERNET WOO
- Played many games. Bioshock 2, Dark Void, Darksiders, Crackdown, Mass Effect 2, Borderlands, Assassin's Creed II, Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time, inFamous, Brutal Legend, Wii Sports Resort, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Guitar Hero, Rock Band, A Boy and His Blob, Trine, Flower, etc etc.
- Watched new TV shows. Cougar Town, Modern Family, Eli Stone, The Office, Accidentally on Purpose, FlashForward, Misfits, Caprica, Cleveland Show, V. Not all of these were kept on. Also watched new seasons of old shows of course. Some were not as good as they used to be coughCOUGHheroescough.
- Read a lot of books on buses, mostly Doctor Who and Torchwood. Nerd pride.

- Oh yeah and I moved out into my own place.

Yes! I live by myself in my own unit now, it is not the Ritz but it is mine and I enjoy it. Except for the near-constant hot weather since I moved here. Fuck you hot weather. But I have a bedroom and a living room and a fridge room and a kitchen and a washing machine and a backyard and my own washing line. It's pretty sweet. Did you know though, that every time you want food you have to buy and prepare it yourself? It's ridiculous! You also have to wash your own clothes if you want something to wear.

Jokes aside, being alone has taken some adjustment but I'm adapting well enough. Occasionally (often) I will forget to eat a meal but hey, it's using my crappy memory as a dieting method! That's something, right? I find I eat a lot more vegetables now. I get hankerings for like, carrots and corn. Weird. I'm also learning that I simply cannot eat full pack's worth of something before it is inedible. Milk, bread, cheese, apples, everything goes bad before I can actually finish it, such a waste. On the upside I now keep frozen meat/veg for the most part so meals are easy, and I don't do much shopping. I've been here maybe two months now and I've done two serious food shops, haha.

Other news: Fringe! The Fringe is starting again and this year I plan to go all out, there are approximately 17 (comedy) shows I want to see totalling about $350. Big hit for a three-week period but I think worth it. Seeing some bigger names like Fiona O'Loughlin, Josh Thomas and Claire Hooper, and then a bunch of smaller stuff that looks interesting, including Deanne Smith who I saw last year who was funny. Gotta start booking them all in for timetabling, so many shows! Good thing I work in the city now, the only travel issue is getting home after.. Buses yaaay.

I think that's about all the interesting stuff for now really... Oh, I had sex a couple times these last few weeks, so that was a nice change of pace.


Sorry! I meant to post about new job at the end of last week. It is going really well! I will post properly tonight about it, probably. But it is good.



OK, time to update all up in here. Things have happened that I can talk about, so talk about them I shall.

First things first: I quit Woolworths! Second thing first: I got a new job!


So, yeah. This Monday I start work at my new job as a Customer Services Officer in the Sales department for Internode, one of our major ISPs. Hooray! This is the ISP we are with anyway, so I am a bit familiar with them already. Also their offices are themed orange after their logo, so you know I'm gonna like that. I get to sit down at work! NO TROLLEYS! I get weekends! I get more money! Hooray! I earn like twice as much!

Seriously, last financial year I think I made... $21,000? Maybe? This job is full time, and pays $39,000. But it didn't start at that... When I first got the interview they said 37k, then when I HAD the interview it was 37.5k, but when I got the letter of offer and contract in the mail yesterday, it was up to 39. I'm not complaining! That means about $750 per week before tax, so woo me. I don't know if I can even spend that much a week. I can certainly try, but it's unfamiliar. (So many things I've wanted to buy that I now can, yay)

And a follow-up to having so much more money coming in now, is that I can afford to move out! Luckily, Lachie and his brother need to find a new place at the moment (serendipitous!) as their other roommate is getting married and taking over their house. Jess, who's studying in Sweden at the moment, also wants to move out once she gets back from there at the end of the year, so the four of us are looking to find a place. We put an offer in on a place this week that will be pretty cool if we get it. Nice big old place, big rooms, high ceilings, wood floors. Don't wanna jinx it, but I'm hopeful. WE offered a little extra on the rent to try and get it too.

So yeah! Exciting things are afoot. I am in a very positive mindset right now. I'm glad more than ever I came back from the US early, otherwise this all wouldn't have happened - I wasn't due back until the 16th of next month. Now I'm gainfully employed, on the way to paying off my debts, AND moving out. I will try to remember to update with details of new job after the first few days. BE EXCITED INTERNET!


Home again, home again

Oh man, so I never did tell you guys the resolution of Panic Mode Showdown: America Edition, did I? Oops!

So in the end I organised to come home. Thanks to everyone who offered words of support: tvini, longlongwaytogo, Friend Mel, Friend Lachie, Friend Jess, and of course my family. Also to the folks at the camp itself who listened to my concerns and assured me I wasn't just making up reasons to leave. In the end I think I made the right choice, for me, and from the moment I left the camp I started to feel better. Kind of a lame, fell-on-its-face adventure, but that's just how I (seem to) roll. I don't think I made the wrong choice, because each time I've thought about what I would be doing right now if I'd stayed, I'm relieved to be here instead.

After I got back to New York I met up with Daniel from school who was in New York at the time, as I mentioned. Dumped my luggage at his hotel room, went for some lunch and looked to organise somewhere to stay myself. Ended up saying at the Wyndham Garden Hotel, not far from Times Square.. Expensive but I was on the 19th floor and had a cool view. Stayed two nights in the end, spent the days exploring with Daniel which was just the distraction I needed to re-centre myself before going home. We did the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, the subway, all that stuff. Also walked, A LOT. Wow New York is big, I only ended up exploring on one half of the island.

Anyways, NY was fun, then it was flying back to LA where I had the biggest shit-fit of a time with delays and reroutes - moral of the story was NEVER FLY DELTA OH GOD. Flight was delayed by 6.5 hours and I missed my international connection. Got Delta to put me up at the Hilton overnight as my new flight was exactly 24 hours later. I was not going to sit in an airport from 3am until 11.30 the next night!

V Australia was awesome, the plane ride home was great. Comfy seats and space to move, cos my neighbouring seat was empty... FREE entertainment on the seat-back video screen, bunch of movies and TV that kept me occupied. Also shaved off about 7 hours with a well-placed Nyquil dosage, hurrah.

So in the end I got to Syndey, flew on to Adelaide and came home. Relaxed and slept a lot for a few days, all was well. My sister was really aggressive at me when I returned, I don't think she got the whole 'paralysing homesickness' thing. Or maybe she was just pissed she wouldn't have the car to herself for a few months, who knows. Since then, I have been jobhunting, and haven't actually told work I'm back, let alone gone into work. I don't really want to until I have new work, and can walk in and quit. Technically I'm still on leave until October so I don't HAVE to go back there... But I will run out of money soonish, I think. Necessity may dictate my return, ugh.

Other than that, been catching up with friends, gaming and watching DVDs. Need to get back to the gym... Hmm. Also rearranged my room drastically, and like the result. Replaced a huge bookshelf and a desk with one low, wide new bookshelf which is doubling as my desk. Makes a lot more space.

I think that's all for now... Hooray! Can you tell I'm happier now?

I can't do this I can't I can't

I wish I could do as my icon says.

Ugh. OK, just had a complete meltdown about being in the US! I got to camp just before lunch today and had lunch, not knowing anyone really, and got put in a bunkhouse with a bunch of dudes who have been here a week at least already and they all know each other and are from the same country and don't know me and there's no Australians around and now that I'm here, the prospect of being stuck, at camp, for two months is just suffocating me! whine.

After calling Daniel about not being able to meet him in New York at all, I tried to get some sleep in the bunkhouse/cabin to make up for lost sleep. I ended up waking up sweating and panicked, and proceeded to come and bawwww my face off at the nice Australian camp leader person and told her I'm not prepared for this all. It's so ridiculous! I walked out of the cabin all composed and ready to say I can't do this and 100 metres later I walk in and choked up. God damn.

She's suggested I give it a couple days first - the kids don't arrive until July 2nd - but I don't think I can go through with this. It was fine when it was far away, I figured I'd slog through camp and enjoy the after, but camp is NINE FUGGIN WEEKS! How did I glaze over that. Also this camp is Jewish-friendly/kosher and caters to ADD/ADHD/Asperger's kids. Not prepared for this.

OK, so points against:
- I hate meeting new people.
- I don't like children.
- I can't deal with kids, let alone kids with learning disabilities.
- I don't have the skill set to cater to their needs.
- I don't like SUMMER WEATHER!
- I don't really have enough money to stretch across the travel after camp, even staying at cheap hostels and stuff. Especially going to Sweden at the end, which is super expensive.
- I have nobody familiar with me to talk to.
- As a result if I get stuck or in trouble or lost I have nobody to help me know what to do.

Points for:
- I want to try American foods?
- I thought it'd be cool to visit Jess/hang out with Daniel overseas.
- Souvenirs.
- Having foreign shirts so I could brag about having been to X place.
- Fancy Twitter posts.
- I like flying in planes.

Aughhhhh. I am so not at ease now. And I blubbered in front of strangers, what. Hhhhh. Guess I'll give it a couple days and decide but I don't think I can do it. I am not prepared to deal with this level of independence!


Comments, suggestions, advice all welcome. Please.


Hello Livejournal! Long LONG time no post. I discontinued the LoudTwitter thing cos it just looked crap in my Recent Posts. Anyhoo!

Americans! As of this Friday I will be in your country, for four months! I'm working at summer camp for two months, but the rest of the time I'll be travelling around wherever I like. I would love to have any of the following:

- People to visit/show me around where they live!
- Places recommended to visit!
- Cheap accommodation tips oh god
- Travel companions or free accommodation! (I am barely financed for this trip)
- Any good conventions between July and the end of September?

I know I'll be in New York a while, and my trip ends by flying out of LAX so if anyone's in New York or LA and can show me round I'd be extremely grateful. Especially! I'm stuck in LAX on Friday the 19th, this Friday, from 10.30am till 10.30pm waiting for my next flight. Anybody willing to go to a movie/shopping/exploring to waste some of that time? Pleeease. Do no want sitting in airport for 12 hours.

Hints? Tips? Reccommendations? All welcome!

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00:05 @KevFromOz Good morning, USA! #

00:28 Pressing the eBay "Commit to Buy" button is kind of a thrill. Is that lame? #

10:15 Hey, know what happens when you consistently chat up the guy at EB Games? You get a discount on your games, that's what! #

10:32 @mmci1525 Name's Marty, Ingle Farm. Nice guy! #

10:39 @monnie Yah, they're really friendly there. Not as busy as TTP so they can chat instead of rushing you through! #

10:47 @Tarale I actually like that "Coming Soon" section, to be honest. I'm usually behind on games news so I forget when something good's coming! #

10:52 @Tarale Huh, I've never had that happen! Usually they have the faked cover that has coming soon or something on it at my local store.. #

10:52 @Tarale Which store/s did this happen to you at? #

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10:59 @monnie Haha, look! My chatted-up discounter from Ingle Farm was interviewed by the Messenger! is.gd/FXy0 #

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19:44 Games I have crossed off my 'to-finish' list today: Star Wars Force Unleashed (360), Fallout 3 (PS3). Next up, Dark Sector (PS3). #

19:44 Does anyone know of a website where you can track what games you have, and which ones you've finished? #

21:02 @stevivor Link me up, Steve! But if you've heard of any all-console ones that'd be great too. #

22:14 Damnit! My eyes started watering to a painful degree (eyes sealed shut) while playing Dark Sector! This is like the 3rd time for that game. #

22:30 Finished watching through all DVDs of Family Guy. Next up: American Dad, Star Trek:TNG/DS9, or Greek? Help decide, Internet! #

22:40 @adamtarca Noo, no uni! *hiss* I totally paid to have this. Gotta catch up on un-played/watched tuff before i leave! #

22:56 @adamtarca Yah, probly load my phone up with games before I leave... And I'll pick one handheld to take. Decisions decisions! #

23:01 @adamtarca Dunno.. I have a big unfinished game on that, AND on DS. who to choose! #

23:04 @adamtarca Hope it'll come in time, June 19 or earlier please, Apple! #

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01:18 @adamtarca Yah it is, not sure where yet but I'll pick somewhere after going out next week! #

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22:02 Yess! Another shelf bites the dust. And by 'bites the dust', I mean 'is filled entirely with DVD box sets'. 3 to go until it's stuffed full! #

22:10 @adamtarca *sobs* Don't judge me! #

22:13 @adamtarca You mean.... You mean my precious? #

22:18 @adamtarca Haha, tut tut! You can keep it. Maybe some day you will watch it! I'll check about it in October when I return to the country! #

22:44 @adamtarca Well, tick tock! #

23:02 twitpic.com/5uge7 The cabinet in question. #

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21:37 At the Colonel Light, it reopened.... OH GOD IT'S SO CLEAN AND NICE WHY DID THEY RUIN IT. #

21:38 Also we are here celebrating my sister's 18th, first night out for her! #

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09:47 Hey Twitter. While I'm in USA I'll need a trimmed-down Twitlist so I can keep up. You're all lovely but I can't keep up! Welcome @travelponk #

09:52 I'm adding a handful of people, but if you wanna keep up a dialogue while I'm overseas, let me know! #

17:29 @tuttle88 Sounds like 'on your lunch break' to me...? #

18:56 Does anybody know where it's cheapest to get those "Heaps Good" SA tshirts here in #Adelaide? #HeapsGood #

21:26 @fictillius Wow those floors look really nice! And is that seriously a reno'd SILO? I am coming to live with you there, awesome. #

21:30 @fictillius OK that's friggin' awesome. Hmm, I have to fly out for my trip to the US in a month from Sydney Airport... Only 8km away :P #

21:32 @fictillius Noooo! I fly out the 19th. Boooo. #

22:02 @fictillius Haha, perhaps. Otherwise I'll just sleep next to the silo until flying time! #

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00:05 S2 The Guild DVD extra: Complete reenactment of David Hasselhoff's drunken YouTube video by Felicia 'Codex' Day! #theguild #

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00:05 @jessiespaghetti It's especially helpful because you won't be living there soon! #

11:30 @mmci1525 On Thursday I'll be heading down to Harbour Town, and probly stopping by Ikea too! Gonna come say hi? :P #

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16:09 @adamtarca no cut! #

19:04 Flights are booked! Making the second-half payment tomorrow. Exciting! Exactly one month till I fly away from here. #

19:07 I'm leaving on a jet plane, finally know when I'll be back again! #

19:08 @tuttle88 America for ~4 months, Germany overnight, Sweden for a fortnight, then bouncing from Germany to Singapore to home. #

19:27 @tuttle88 We should totally hang out. Why are you headed there? #

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03:19 @pvponline "The one who will protect/save us" is what he said, apparently. #

08:27 @jazragrill Did they all do it synchronised and creepy, Children of the Corn-style? #

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02:40 I'm watching the pilot for Star Trek: TNG and I gotta say, their timing's soo bad. A lot of the shots just last that bit too long... #

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14:11 At least I get the Lost finale tonight! Yay. Can't wait to see what kind of cliffhanger we'll be left on! #

15:38 #LOST finale, you had better be ready by the time I get home from work... YOU HAVE 6 HOURS TO GO FROM 16% TO 100% #

15:39 @valenzetti STOPPIT #

15:42 @tuttle88 is.gd/zIKC Has been for 2 and a half hours! #

21:45 DAMNIT LOST I TOLD YOU TO BE READY WHEN I GOT HOME. No fishcuit for you! #

21:47 @tuttle88 Noooo! In 25 minutes I am coming to your house. #

21:49 @tuttle88 Agh, 3h 45m... Your computer is a filthy, torrent-leeching whore! #

22:00 @tuttle88 Anger! #

23:30 @tuttle88 nope, 70%... damn you, Internet! #

23:35 Yes, Lost! We like the fast download speed. It's better than slow. Go fast! #

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21:44 twitpic.com/537vl the canvas prints, up on the wall! I love it. I did struggle over what grid hierachy to use, though. #

23:47 Every time I look at my Canvas Wall I get all happy again. Hee hee, so purty. #

23:54 Whenever I watch Buffy ep "Once More With Feeling", I find myself wishing the Singing Demon would change his suit colour more than once. #

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11:21 I just picked up my canvas photo prints! Holy shit they are huge. #

14:26 twitpic.com/50sfm The canvas prints. Red credit card-sized card for comparison. They are HUGE! #

16:50 @tonimarienet I do supervision on the checkouts. wooo #

19:41 @ajtpianoman was a special deal w/ woolies everyday rewards card. 23 bucks each! Usually 48. So good. #

19:48 @tonimarienet ooh, which petrol place? Mainly, i mean. We might have met and not even known it! #

21:41 Home again, home again. Big Bang Theory time! Then, hanging canvas prints. #

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11:40 I have found a torrent for "Now and Again", remember that series? Heck yes! #

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00:08 Just finished #Dollhouse. Wooow. God I hope there's a season 2. And, totally calling it: Whiskey is totally Topher's sister. #

01:15 @justinkeyes I dunno, I think he looked just guilty enough for it to be more than an ex... He was almost egging her into looking at her file #

01:33 Catsphere looks on from its sleeping spot. Catsphere does not approve when I move the bed. #

01:36 twitpic.com/4umtb CATSPHERE KNOWS ALL #

14:41 La la la. Burnin' my new DVDs, gonna burn 'em good, file them into my DVD shelves, really improves my mood #

17:08 @ajtpianoman Facebook shows me you've been growing your hair out! Glee! #

19:19 @joshnunn So it runs smoothly, no big issues? #

19:38 @joshnunn What's the install size? I don't have a lot of space on my laptop HDD. Would it let me install as a dual boot to an external HD? #

21:34 @ajtpianoman Yes, it suits you so well. Jealousss. I wanna grow mine out again, maybe. #

21:57 @ajtpianoman Clean-shaven, long hair. Mmm. :P #

22:07 @ajtpianoman Elizabeth isn't that far away, 30 mins maybe from your place, I'd say. No big trip! #

22:08 @ajtpianoman And, mmm as in... well, you be the judge :D #

22:19 twitpic.com/4wycf Catbundle DEMANDS your respect! #

22:22 @ajtpianoman Pics or it didn't happen! #

22:34 @ajtpianoman Purdy hair. Matt approves! #

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Today, in the Tweets...

00:38 @adamtarca ooooohh! #

00:48 @adamtarca yah, finally got my flight dates. I'll be in NY on June 20! #

00:56 @ajtpianoman I'm staying in New Jersey I believe, but'ill have time to visit NY before camp. Can't wait! And yes apple store's on my list :P #

01:03 @ajtpianoman with camp and visiting jess in Sweden, about four months all up #

01:04 @adamnelson if you could wait four months I would totally be your housemate! #

01:36 @ajtpianoman no, but I'll probably be stopping in singers on the way home #

02:41 Every time I wash my favourite Comfy Shirt, it gets more and more threadbare. Soon I'll wash it and it won't come out again... #

02:44 Also, TV Tropes is a dangerous thing to start reading. I think I read about ten pages of tropes tonight. #

20:33 I measured my e-Penis on www.epenis.nl and it's 18.1cm! #

20:34 @tuttle88 hur hur hur, sorry about my bigger e-penor. #

20:36 Cursebird: @ponk swears like an Enthusiastic Porn Star! Ranked: 44,872nd worldwide. #

20:37 @tuttle88 It's true, you may not have the junk that makes the ladies say 'oh!' but you talk dirty like a motherfucker! #

20:38 @tuttle88 No I can't, your tiny e-dick is indistinguishable! #


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Today, in the Tweets...

01:09 "Why ARE we going to see Jacob?" "So I can kill him." Ahh Locke, you crazy bitch. #LOST #

01:20 I love unwrapping new DVDs. Almost as much as I love filing them into my alphabetical shelving system. #

01:23 @oliyoung I know, isn't he like a ghost/spirit-of-the-island? But isn't that what Richard is? 1 more season and everything must be answered! #

09:29 RT @feliciaday: RT: @watchdollhouse, buy DVD to save Dollhouse. is.gd/u8hF (tweet @FoxBroadcasting and email askfox@fox.com, too.) #

17:55 I've been saving the new DVDs I bought (4400 season 3&4) til after I finish season 1 tonight to file them into my shelving. I'm weird. #

17:57 @tuttle88 It did indeed! With the miniseries as the first season. #

18:07 @stevivor well then let's do it! Personally I did notice the bloom lighting, the one annoying part of the movie. #

18:30 @stevivor I did, I mostly agree with it too. Don't get what you meant about it drawing from the Enterprise series though? #


20:59 @fictillius Get a Travelex Cash PAssport! It's basically a savings card where your money is fixed to the conversion rate when you get it. #

21:00 @fictillius You transfer an amount (must be at least $1000?) and just use it as you go along, and you get two cards in case you lose one. #

22:25 @NetworkShadow New Twitterific?! Loving it. If I had a reason to haves second account I totally would now! #

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Today, in the Tweets...

01:02 OMG #Fringe got renewed for a second season! Thank you, merciful television gods. #

02:34 @krisstraub "Buttworks" #greatnamesforgayclubs #

19:23 @jazragrill I has Buffy season 6, it is the only one I have. #

19:24 Just watched the #Scrubs finale. Scrubs is finished. Wow. #

21:09 @stevivor I'm sitting in the cinema waiting for star trek too! Eeee! #

00:01 @stevivor I saw it, I saw it! Assault me with your opinions and thoughts! matt@ponkstudio dot com for email or MSN #

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Today, in the Tweets...

00:23 @monnie Oh nooooo! I totally forgot to resend my birthday message after my internet conked out! Happy yesterday birthday Monnieeeee! #

00:25 Anyone remember The 4400? Yeah, bought the first two seasons, now to start watching. #

00:31 feel like eating some raw 2-minute noodles. Be right back... #

15:32 @jazragrill I must get all the Buffy TPB's and Atomic Robo Vol 2 aghhhhh #


15:38 @jazragrill SANDMAN GIVE TO ME #

15:39 @jazragrill Dude, former brown belt-in-training. I FIGHT CHU, I BEAT CHU. #

15:41 Hmmm, Buffy Season 8 Vol 1-3 for $60 total on eBay. Hmmmm. #

15:43 Dudes, the way my flights are looking for America/Sweden, it looks like I'll be in GERMANY for OKTOBERFEST. What the what! #

15:44 @jazragrill Please tell Mother Jazra I will FIGHT HER TOO. #

16:10 Bum badabum badabum bum shiny scalpel! Bum badabum bada gonna slice him good! #

16:14 @monnie, you need to learn to live in the modern world! Carrots is a normal word now, everybody says it. #

16:15 @monnie (Yes that was lame oh god I'm so sorry what is wrong with me) #

16:16 @tuttle88 I am a-ok with C-wording, you can put me on the approved list :D #

16:18 @tuttle88 I just don't get why 'cunt' in particular is this OMG omega-level swear, what makes it different from pussy or snatch or whatever? #

16:22 @tuttle88 Sure, I mean women take offense, but what makes it worse, Is there a word it's derived from? #

16:23 @tuttle88 And hey, power of EQUALITY, what's our equivalent! What is the male version of 'cunt'? #

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Today, in the Tweets...

00:39 "Find out next time, on DRAGON. BALL. ZEEEEEE." #

02:09 Does anyone remember when my dad's birthday is? Cos I sure as hell don't. #

16:54 @adamtarca If you mean Aussiebum's newest line, naw... Might not be picking those ones up :P #

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Today, in the Tweets...

00:40 Guys, #help! #Windows #Vista has reverted to a Windows Classic type theme for some reason on startup, and the vista theme doesn't come up! #

00:44 @electrosaur At the very least you'd think no fancy GUI would speed it up, but nooo, slower than ever #

01:04 @tonimarienet Yesss. InsomniAus! #

01:06 @digitaldj Apparently all it took was a restart? #

11:55 #American folks! What is the recommended #cheap #flights website for flights within America? We have webjet.com.au, what's yours? #

11:55 Also, who can recommend an #iPhone #app for finding #hotels? Just in #America would be OK, or something world wide is awesome. #

12:44 @tuttle88 My work tells me it's actually been no trouble at all! What the hel, Woolworth's. #

12:46 @Shortpacked It's like a giant drag queen with distorted feet! #

22:24 Twitter! What site do YOU recommend for booking airfares? #

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Today, in the Tweets...

00:30 Saw X-Men Origins: Wolverine tonight. IT was... Pretty good! Didn't have the 'epic' shaping of the trilogy, but that worked out well. #

00:31 Also, on #Dollhouse: Man but Alan Tudyk has beefed up! #

00:33 And GODDDD but I cannot wait for the 'finale' next week. #

00:42 Been thinking about how to organise my DVDs/book series. Chronologic-story or chronologic-release? I'm angling for release. #OCD #helpme #

11:57 Something's wrong with my #Vista... All the pretty window styles are gone and they won't come back! #

23:12 @icedark tactical espionage action! #

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